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About Me

Bryon Remo, M.Ed., LMFT

I became licensed as a marriage & family therapist in the summer of 2000. My impetus for becoming a therapist stemmed from believing that parents often don't seem to put enough good energy into their marriage once they have children. I grew up very appreciative of how much attention my parents provided me as a child and young man. But secretly I often wondered how happy they were. Did they enjoy each other? Did they truly want to be married? Did they think about what could make their marriage better?

I got married in the summer of 1998 and despite feeling that I was more reflective and conscientious than my parents, I had little understanding as to what constituted a healthy marriage. So like many people in their late 20's I decided to marry only to discover that marriage takes a lot more than compatibility. It takes a little bit of luck, but a whole lot of marital mindfulness- the kind of thinking that was rarely taught or modeled in my parents generation. After 13 years of ups and downs and 3 wonderful children, my marriage unfortunately ended. Six years later, I continue to work to be the best possible co-parenting partner with  my ex.
These challenges have often been emotionally taxing for all, but they have undoubtedly helped us all grow.

Today I am remarried to an incredible woman that has exhibited with class an understanding of the complex roles in blended families. She has developed a wonderful connection with my children and continues to extend herself to the children's mother. Having gone through divorce and living within a blended family gives me a greater appreciation for both the couples who are trying to stay together as well as those who are re-designing their families' structure. 

My early work as a therapist focused on empowering
teenagers  to overcome challenging home, school and social environments. I placed much emphasis on helping adolescents develop their resiliency regardless of their inherent difficulties. Working in agency, school, residential and hospital settings afforded me the privilege of supporting young people in a variety of settings and learning the various systems that can help them.

As I have become more seasoned as a therapist I began recognizing the importance of stabilizing parent's relationships in ensuring that young people have the best start to their lives. Whether working with married, cohabitating or divorced couples, I emphasize the need for parents to become more mindful of their communication and how their behavior influences  their children.  Yet, better communication is not enough, nor is merely modeling it for our children. Couples need to care for their marriage or relationship for its own sake. I have come to realize in recent years that little people become big people sooner than we would wish. And our relationships need good ingredients before our children are launched for life after kids to be satisfying.

In addition to working with individuals and couples, I also greatly enjoy helping families. As a marriage and family therapist, I am uniquely trained to understand individuals through multiple contexts. Thus it is a preferred practice to include as many family members in therapy wherever possible and appropriate. I have not professionally discovered anything more powerful and authentic than having entire families come together to appreciate and wrestle through their challenges.

Bryon Remo, M.Ed., LMFT
" Mental flexibility allows people the freedom to reinvent themselves and not be defined by circumstance."


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My lovely wife and 3 really fun, sweet and silly kids :)

Master of Education- 2000
Cambridge College, Massachusetts
Counseling Psychology
Licensure: Marital & Family Therapy (# 00109)
AAMFT Clinical Fellow

Bachelor of Science in Education- 1996                      
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater, Massachusetts