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CT Family Counseling offers respectful, creative and supportive services to teens, couples and families

What is a marriage & family therapist?
Marriage & family therapists are uniquely trained to track patterns in relationships and help individuals, couples and families challenge often erroneous assumptions. Therapists can assist clients in considering alternate explanations of behavior and consider more creative and helpful interventions.

Why consider Therapy?

When people consider the idea of seeking professional help it is often long after they have
exhausted all of their strategies and can no longer make since of why they are stuck. Therapy
is an opportunity to meet with a licensed clinician to determine and track chronic patterns in individuals, couples and families that exist and ways they can be interrupted. It is also a venue where taking stock of relationships to see what already works that needn't change versus what is getting in the way of relationships. Therapy allow people a space to challenge their beliefs,
thoughts and behaviors and to consider alternate ways of relating to loved ones as well as others.

Couples Therapy

The the idea of sharing one's personal life with a complete stranger is typically anxiety provoking for most. Couples have aspects of their relationship that are uniquely private and sacred. Thus, the thought of telling one's story to an outsider often creates mixed feelings. On one hand, there is relief in having an unbiased perspective. On the other, there is an awareness that the once hidden secrets or inefective patterns are now exposed. In helping couples move past their fears, it is useful to remember that therapists often share similar struggles as their clients.


Family Counseling

​Family therapy is a unique process that allows each family member a voice in expressing their concerns and desires for change. It provides individuals an opportunity to describe their perception of the family's strengths and challenges in a way that can be more easily understood and addressed. Counseling families as a unit gives therapists a useful snapshot as to how each family member reacts to the varying opinions of one another.

In many respects, families function similar to the wave at a sporting event. When one member of the family has an issue (or creates energy) eventually the other members are impacted as well. This can be a wonderful aspect in families or cause many layers of additional distress. more

Parent & Teen Support

Teenagers are far more easy to work with than most parents understand. Of course they are
at the crossroads of childhood and adulthood and with that comes many developmental challenges. But these transitions are normal and to the extent that parents can weather their unpredictability and harness their strengths allows for a closeness that can often seem impossible.

Adolescents are constantly trying to part with childhood and in their efforts they often communicate in ways that make it dififcult for adults to work with. Yet adults that can see beyond their erratic behavior and can stay focused on their positive attributes allows them to soften difficult moments and create mini connecting moments that add up to closeness. more...

"Change happens when we go toward our anxiety."