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Family Therapy

Written By Bryon Remo, M.Ed., LMFT
Families all have unique rules and ways of operating. It is truly fascinating to observe the different ways families function and how such ways create closeness and sometimes distance. When working with families through a systemic approach allows a therapist to view all the different variables in play and how they affect one another somewhat like "the wave" at a sporting event.

My work with families emphasizes:

  • a strength-based approach (not mental illness approach)
  • time efficiency to maximize our session's potential
  • assist families in identifying and tracking patterns
  • use of humor to soften difficult talking points
  • promote personal accountability for change to come
  • help clients stay in the present & future tense
  • use creative strategies to get clients to take action
When working with families it can be quite effective to incorporate humor and creative interventions particularly where young children may be involved. There is often a perception that therapy must be stressful and packed with loaded and emotionally challenging inquiries. Yet many families do better when the mood is relaxed, informal and open to possibilities that allow families' best nature to emerge.  A skilled therapist will help all family members feel a part of the process and have an influential voice.

Some of the issues that can be addressed in family counseling are:
  • communication problems
  • anger management/conflict resolution
  • improved parenting practices
  • navigating through divorce and blended family issues
  • addiction issues (drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography)
  • loss and grief
  • families with chronic mental illness
  • stress from disability, job loss or death in the family
  • adolescent/teenage issues
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) issues
  • job loss, retirement, life stage transitioning

Family Meetings

"Families are a lot like the 'wave' in a sporting event. The energy of one member eventually impacts the others."


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