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Couples Therapy

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Parent & Teen Support

Teens today are dealing with issues unique to their generation.-social media, cyberbullying, violent video games, pornography, unpredictable school violence and increased awareness of radical terrorist threats-not to mention all the other issues that previous generations wrestled with. There is a hypervigilance that parents today undeniable harbor. This poses a great challenge to promote the independence we want our adolescents to have while being aware of the additional threats that linger. Parents more than ever need support and to find that balance between protecting and suffocating their kids. more​​

Sports Psychology

Turning Sports Anxiety into a Strength

Teaching teenage athletes how to harness the upside of anxiety into a strength starts with normalizing the benefits of anxiety. Without some anxiety the world would not accomplish very much. But when anxiety begins to paralyze teenage athletes, a sports psychologist can help athletes build up a tool box of strategies to to transcend anxiety into a strength that most athletes wil never acquire.

Teenage Sports Psychology

As a former Division I baseball player, I wish I had known then what I know now on how to balance the stress of being an athlete with the demands of academics and this thing they call sleep.  Playing a sport becomes more anxiety provoking as the level of play intensifies. And although most athletes welcome this challenge, it is nonetheless a struggle in which teens would be well served to talk to a sports psychologist or therapist.

Sports psychologists looks closely not only at how athletes  balance the many balls they are juggling but also how they manage the mental and emotional details within their respectice sport. A good sports psychologist will help a student athlete examine the way he/she manages their total wellness while considering their time management, work ethic, mental & emotional IQ and awareness of the many psychological aspects of their athletic life that is perhaps hindering them from maximizing their performance.
Athletes are unique in that they are working with a reduced amount of two of the most precious commodities- time and sleep. They are forced into an air tight schedule that by itself is conducive to anxiety. And when academics pose challenges this further adds to the existing stress of trying to be the best possible athlete.